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I’ve been an old car buff for more than fifty years. I admit that my special love seems to be Jaguars but I have major soft spots for lots of other marques. I suppose nostalgia is my main influence. I owned a Jaguar XK 120 when I was nineteen and went through six variants in the course of two years. All bargain basement buys; I paid £55 for the cheapest and a princely £150 for the most expensive. Of course they were all used as everyday transport.

When we lived in America in the eighties I started collecting old Jaguars and came home with three XKs and an E Type. I still own a pair of those cars and, to date, have added another four.

Those who have perused  this site before will notice quite a few changes. A number of old friends are gone to new homes as I have rationalised the collection down to the cars I am most likely to use. Nostalgic acquisitions like my Bradford lorry remain; a vehicle very much in the mould of the transport available in the austerity Britain of the late forties and fifties.

There is also a handful of other old motors that litter the more eclectic parts of the garage that include what I think of as the biggies like the LG6 Lagonda and an Auburn Speedster.  Do have a look around and email me, if you have a mind to, with your observations and comments.

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