1964 AC Cobra MK II


From what I have pieced together the car started life in 1964 when it was shipped from AC, Thames Ditton to Carrol Shelby’s Californian operation. She spent time as a Ford demonstrator before being acquired by the first US owner. Sadly, in the early seventies the car was severely damaged.

The remains were purchased by Brian Angliss who ran Autokraft, a Cobra restoration and parts business. He later took over AC cars. The car was rebuilt at the factory using new and reconditioned parts and was returned to original MKII specification except for the instruments and the Hillman Minx type back lights that at the time were unobtainable. Although the car had been left hand drive, it was rebuilt in right hand configuration. In 1976 the car passed to her UK owner who had commissioned the rebuild. Amazingly, having stood unused at the back of his garage for some twenty odd years it was finally resold in 1998. The new owner was a dealer specialising in racing cars. He told me that his intention had been to modify the car for track use but the work was never carried out. Two years later it was back on the market with just 1000 miles on the clock. I bought it at a Coys auction in 2000.

Since acquisition, the car has been converted to run on unleaded fuel and the instruments have been replaced with a set of period Smith’s gauges. I have left the rear lights in deference to the car’s history.

Many years ago I promised myself there were two things I would never own. One was a Rolex and the other a Cobra. I’ve reneged on the later. I’m glad of the snake; it’s a terrific piece of kit.

I’m hopelessly biased but I think it’s one of the best looking rumps in the business.

Non original steering wheel in functional but well instrumented cockpit.

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Tom Coldicott, ace navigator, and me on the 2002 French Revolution rally. We came third and used more fuel than a jumbo jet.

V8 Sound

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