Prewar & Forties

I’ve always had a soft spot for pre-war cars.  For many years,  when I had my second Jaguar, actually XK/E type , wind, I also developed a taste for an SS 100. We were in the US at the time and although I flirted with  acquiring a car in the Mid-West, the price was a little too steep for my pocket. In 1974 however and back in the UK, I bit the bullet, bought SY 6684 and loved her dearly ever  since.

Needing something in which the whole family might ride,  I attended the last Sotheby's car  auction at Hendon and bid for and won  a Jaguar Mark V  drop head.  Instead of doing duty as a family carriage however, she went into long term refurbishment. The family equipage became instead a rather beautiful  1938 Lagonda  LG6 drop head coupe. The Mark V was finally done, although it took fourteen years to complete. It has however , turned out pretty well.

I can’t recall how it started but I think it was the Auburn Speedster  at Beaulieu museum that fired my imagination. In the event, in 2001, I made three trips to the US and had a couple of abortive UK forays but came away empty handed each time. Undaunted, I attended a Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale  in 2001 but again failed to get the car I was after. I won’t go into the details but in 2011 the Scottsdale car  found its way to England via Ireland and was up for sale. I made an offer and she came to live with me.

White frames are hot

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